1. Cutting & Tailoring

    Cutting & tailoring section is one of the prominent sections of vocational training wing. The main purpose of this section is to make the women capable of doing simple work relating to cutting and tailoring. In this section, first of all we teach them the basic concepts of cutting & tailoring i.e. identification of tools & equipment used in cutting and tailoring trade and then provide them training of basic design, design idea, stitching, drafting & pattern layout, basic of tailoring & garment construction, needle craft and traditional embroidery.

    Many basic techniques of seamstress work, as well as embroidery are taught in the sewing workshop in order to help the apprentices in the long term become able to make products independently from start to finish.

    This build their capacity from the level starting from learning to be able to do the cutting & tailoring themselves and raise themselves to start their own business.

  2. Computer Education & Training

    Computer has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. Computer literacy centre help the children to develop interest in their studies, increase their self-confidence and help them acquire certain skills, which will help them to be established in life.

    In today’s worlds, information technology is a key component in the success of any country. Unfortunately, the high cost of education to acquire computer related skills in certain regions around the country prevents the poor from availing these skills which are in demand.

    The SDCES society, is striving to bridge this gap by offering IT related training to poor children through computer vocational training  centre at Rajiv Nagar, Begumpur (near Rohini Sec-22), in the state of Delhi. The main objective of the proposed project is to provide computer training to the urban poor children with focus on computer literacy. Taking a step forward, we would like to emphasize on creating opportunities for the children to develop technical/vocational skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient and confident thus securing more job opportunities.

    It offers students an ongoing array of opportunities for self development, self-promotion and even contacts. As everyone knows, networking is essential for success in every field, so regardless of what student plan to do in life, the workshop will definitely help get them there. By the principle “more focus on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge”.

  3. Beauty Culture & Parlour Training

    Vision is to make women more liberated by educating them in the field of hair & beauty and providing them employment and to realize their self-value. Women who re-interested in beautician as career are given training in beauty parlour. In this training usually a trainer from city comes and trains the girl and women.

    In our centre, we provide hands on training such Basic Cleanness, Nail Art, Basic Mehendi, Facial, Pedicure, Manicure, Henna Treatment, Pimple treatment, Waxing, Hair Cutting, Hair Dyeing, Perming, Hair Colouring, Straightening, Oil Massage, Bridal make-up, Stage make-up, Saree tying, Bindi decoration and much more.

  4. Painting

    The apprentices initially learn basic techniques about drawing and painting and are able to carry out graphic design and special painting requests for publicity, advertisement, oil paintings, hand painted greeting cards, as well as creating their own paintings.

    The course starts with stencilling, pencil sketching, paints and brushes. In this section minute details have to be assessed and examined while painting. The focus of the training is to train students in creative modern painting. The students are taught to sketch portrait, landscapes and any other subject of their likings.

  5. Art & Craft

    The aim of the education are that the pupil shall be able to make simple objects and designs in paper, textile & many waste material by tearing, cutting, gluing and braiding. Make simple objects from clay build with simple geometrical basic forms recognise and describe simple art crafts.

Our key focus areas and objectives
  • Empower urban poor in the community by providing them with the necessary skills & knowledge to enable them to become self-reliant.
  • To assist to become job creators rather than job seekers.
  • At the end of project course, many urban poor will benefit directly through this project.
  • To empower beneficiary by giving them the skills to earn a livelihood, this will increase the well being of themselves, their families and communities.
  • To foster an attitude of independence, initiative and self-reliance that will overcome attitudes of dependency and helplessness.
  • It aims to bring about a positive change not only in their lives but in the society as a whole.
  • To provide educational support and rehabilitation to poor students belongs to economically disadvantaged, child labourers, disabled, orphans, semi orphans.
  • To sensitize destitute women and adolescent girls on their rights & entitlements.
  • To empower poor women and promote SHGs.
  • To help and sponsor old age persons midday meal, groceries to enable them to get timely food.
  • To rehabilitate orphan and street children.
  • To take up relief and rehabilitation for the victims of Natural Calamities like floods.
  • To sensitize public on health & sanitation, education, environment, consumer rights, road safety and other social issues.